Saturday 10th  March

Meet our kite makers while they test their kites before the main event

Sunday 11th

Slumplifter – Hunter Reyne

Main Stage 11:00am – 5:00pm:

11.00am – The Stokers

12 noon – Slumplifter

1pm – Whiting Band

2pm – Andy Phillips & Cadillac Walk

4pm – The Calmer Mile


Ben Whiting

Andy Phillips

Yellow Circus Tent:



Circus Play throughout the day.
12.30pm: The Funky Monkeys Circus Duo
2.00pm: Global Myths Storytelling
4.00pm: Kazzam Magic show


Tubby & Flapper the Fish:

Meet Tubby the Robot and his pet fish “Flapper” as they stroll throughout the festival site. Watch them manoeuvre through the crowd, which is tricky, coz fish don’t have legs! So Flapper travels in a water-filled fish mongers trolley. Tubby pulls him out regularly, flapping and splashing, so that everyone can meet him and give him a pat. Flapper is a groundbreaking animatronic puppet – waterproof, wireless and very friendly.

Blacksnake Productions:

Enjoy an interactive wildlife display which allows the audience to touch and hold the hand tamed birds, marsupials and reptiles. The energetic presenters make this wildlife experience entertaining, exciting and educational.


SES & CFA Vehicles and Education Information:

Bring your soft drink can to the SES site and with the help of the VIC SES crew, crush them with the Jaws of Life. Hourly activity.


Frederico Boogie:

Enjoy the antics and juggling skills of Frederico Boogie a man of many talents (juggling, unicycling and tango dancing among them) but his chief gift is his ability to make you smile. Frederico will be weaving his unique style of comic pantomime on our Main Stage between 11am and 5pm. He’ll be introducing you to a program of talented emerging artists and much loved local outfits.





  • Watch the Flying High video