Fundraising Event Ideas For Kite Festival

Flying kites is a hobby for many people. It’s a wonderful experience, and in many places around the world, kite flying is part of the culture. They often have kite festivals. You can organize kite festivals in your locality. Here are some tips for raising funds for your community kite festival.

Get donations from local bars

Get donations from local bars - Fundraising Event Ideas For Kite Festival

You can organize the kite festival for a good cause. Then you can approach the local bars and request them to contribute a small percentage of their night’s revenue for the festival.

You can hold contests and raffle draws in your favourite bars and encourage the bar-goers to participate. You can have some lucrative prizes for the raffle draws. Continue this for a month, and you will be able to raise a significant amount of money.

Casino night

Casino night - Fundraising Event Ideas For Kite Festival

You can arrange a fun casino night at your local bar or restaurant. You can set up a poker table and bring a roulette wheel. You can hire a dealer as well. Have a flat rate for participating in the casino night. You can also let people play online casino games at Just make sure that the venue has an excellent Wi-Fi connection.

Garage sale

Garage Sale - Fundraising Event Ideas For Kite Festival

You, along with other volunteers, can have a garage sale. You can showcase unnecessary items lying around your house for sale. You can bake a cake or cook things and sell them too. You can request your family and friends to donate items too.

These ideas have worked before, and they will work for you too. You will need to plan and gather the necessary resources to make these events successful. You will be able to collect a handsome amount of money from the events.