Tips For Forming A Kite Club

Flying kites is a hobby for many people. If you have been to a kite festival, then you will know that kite flying is a passion for many people. If you are into flying kites, then you should consider spreading the joy of flying colourful kites to the people in your community. The best way to do so is by forming a kite club.

Kite clubs can be a wonderful place for kite-loving people to gather and have a good time flying kites together. Kite flying is a sport, and you need to learn how to keep the kite high up in the air and maneuver it.

Kite events, festivals, and competitions take place throughout the year and most of the people who participate belong to a kite club. Here are some tips to form a kite club in your community.

Rent a property

Rent a property - Tips For Forming A Kite Club

You first need to rent a place to form the club. Make sure it is spacious so that you can accommodate more people. You should try to rent a place near an open field, riverbank or sea beach. That way, you will get plenty of open space to fly your kites.

Get resources

You need to spend some money and effort on the interior decoration of the club. People should feel comfortable, good, and motivated to join the club. So, interior design plays an important part. You can decorate the walls with paintings of colourful kites.

You need to have comfortable furniture so that the members can sit properly. You should have materials to make kites. You should hire people to work at the club.


Shop - Tips For Forming A Kite Club

You should have a small shop where you can sell kites. The members may not have a kite, and they should be able to buy kites from the club’s shop. Make sure you have varieties of sizes, shapes, and colours of kites.


Activities - Tips For Forming A Kite Club

You should plan on the various activities you can arrange for the club members. These may include annual kite festivals. These festivals can attract the local community to participate. The festivals are good advertisements for your club. You should raise funds for these festivals and hire volunteers.

You should promote your club on social media and print posters to be distributed in the community. That way, you will get more members in your kite club.